10 things I am thankful for…

1. My family, of course, WaterGuy, Darling Daughter, Gameboy, the kitties who make us laugh, the dog who looks at us adoringly, the crow…okay, not the crow. He’s just annoying. Oh, and all my extended family, too, since I found out some of them actually read this blog. I didn’t forget you guys!!

2. My friends. The ones who wear tiaras proudly and the ones who only WISH they wore tiaras. For my online friends and offline friends. The friends I’ve met in person and those I’m still looking forward to meeting. I love them all for everything they do to make me feel special every day.

3. Books…for entertaining me, making me think, making me laugh and cry. But not for the ones that I feel like throwing against the wall, of which there have been too many lately. But for all the others, I’m thankful.

4. For my agent, my editor, my publicist, the booksellers and everyone who is doing even the slightest little thing to make VENUS ENVY a success. Like those of you who will go back to the last sentence and click on VENUS ENVY and hop on over to Amazon to preorder your copy today! I’m really thankful for you!

5. For technology…without it, I wouldn’t have as many friends as I have, I wouldn’t be able to talk to people about books as much. I wouldn’t have quick and ready access to my agent, editor and publicit (which they probably sometimes regret). I wouldn’t have a ready-made excuse to ignore my family.  Oh, and for the fact that technology–the internet in particular–makes it exceptionally easy for anyone, yes ANYONE, to go back up to #4 and click on “VENUS ENVY” and hop on over to Amazon to preorder your copy today! Because without technology Amazon wouldn’t exist, and you would actually have to get in your car and DRIVE to the nearest bookstore the day after Christmas (which, if you are like me and hate shopping, practically gives you hives to even think about) only to find that they are SOLD OUT of VENUS ENVY and will have to wait WEEKS to get your copy! See? Technology. Priceless.

6. For Google, the world’s greatest search engine. It could actually be lumped in with technology, probably, except that I’ve used it so often lately that I think it deserves a number of its own. By the way, how many times do you have to Google yourself in one day before you go blind or get hairy palms…I mean, before you have to consider yourself a narcissistic addict and get yourself enrolled in a 12-step program?

7. I’m thankful for Venus, who has kind of, sort of, taking on a life of her own–

Hey! What do you mean ‘kind of, sort of’? I have a JOB! Do you not realize the significance of that??”

[Shannon wrestles computer back from deranged goddess.]

ANYWAY…I am thankful for Venus–most of the time–for the fun and the laughter. And I hope that everyone else will enjoy her as much as I have this year and, hopefully, for a long time to come.

8. I’m grateful for reviewers, which could probably be included in #4, but I thought I’d give them their own. You know, reviewers who say things like:

“Debut author McKelden is undeniably talented, milking a fun plot for all it’s worth.” — Romantic Times Book Reviews

9. I am thankful for…my…job. Okay, there, I said it. I didn’t want to say it, but I did. I am thankful for my job. I get to work at home. I don’t have to deal with psychotic coworkers (as in past years off and on). I don’t have to commute. I have some flexibility in my hours. I can, most of the time, work something on the order of part time, which gives me, theoretically, time to write. If I have to have a job (besides writing) I’m thankful this is the one I have. (I’m racking up karmaic brownie points by posting this for all the world to read, right??)

10. I am thankful for my future readers. You guys ROCK! No, really, you do. Whoever you are, you rock, totally. And I’m grateful for you. And…and…you’re making me tear up a little. So, if you want to be one of those people making me a little misty, you know where #4 is up there above. And I think you know what to do since I’ve mentioned it twice already (but that was click, hop, preorder, if you missed it before) in order to make sure that maybe by this time NEXT year, I can be thankful for another book contract. 

Blessing to you all!!