A kick in the fanny….

It’s amazing what a little motivation will do for a writer. Motivation comes in lots of forms, but I find my best motivation comes with hanging out with other serious writers…writers who expect to be published, writers who, already published, know that publishing is a dream that CAN come true.

I spent this past weekend at the Emerald City Writers Conference put on by the Greater Seattle Romance Writers of America. It has to be the most motivating, wonderful conference I’ve attended. Besides great food and nice accommodations, you can’t beat the company, the workshops and the speakers.

I came home with a renewed drive to write…something I’ve been sorely lacking. I want to take charge of my career, to forge ahead with my next book. I came home so motivated, that I wrote for nearly 10 hours on Monday! TEN HOURS! I haven’t written ten hours a month for the last several months. I’m ready.

Thanks to some great speakers, most especially Cathy YardleyMary Buckham and Ann Roth, I was able to see what was wrong with my plot, my ideas, and my motivation. I fixed my plot, thinking out of the box, combining two story ideas, and came up with an idea I’m psyched about!
Don’t be afraid to get your inspiration wherever you need to. Maybe if I’d attended a conference a few months ago, I wouldn’t have lost months worth of work. Maybe I’d have been finished with my current WIP, instead of barely beginning. I’ll try to remember that next time my drive is flagging. Head for the nearest writers conference, baby!