A Year in Review

It’s hard to believe 2010 is winding down already!  It’s gone so fast, I almost missed it.  I thought it would be fun to look back at the highlights — good and bad — of this year.

January started out great!  My writers’ support group, which had downsized last year, grew again with the addition of two great friends who moved from out of state.  It’s been a fabulous year for all of us as we got to know each other better and shared the ups and downs of publishing.   All Hail the Writergirls describes us perfectly!  I love you guys!

Also for the new year, my daughter and I decided to start for the first time ever eating more healthfully.  We read up on processed foods and chemicals and evil stuff like that, and by the time we were done we couldn’t eat the crap anymore.  We became addicted to healthier fare, started cooking more, and haven’t touched a Lean Cuisine or fast food now in 11 months.  Yay us!  We feel healthier and, as of a couple months ago, when we both hit a plateau, we had each lost 50 pounds. High five for us!

On the publishing side of life, February saw the publication of VENUS GUY TRAP.  Finally.  It was a long time coming, don’t ask me why.  I was so happy to finally see it…but publishing is changing so much these days.  Without the momentum of coming out closer to VENUS ENVY, I’m afraid Venus and her Jimmy Choos were feeling the anticlimactic reception.  By July, I’d heard from my agent that Tor wouldn’t be buying the next Venus book.  Sigh.  Maybe someday, Venus will live again when I have time to write a novella.  She needs her own happy ending.

During March, on the other hand, things took an upswing!  I guest blogged on 1st Turning Point, a great site for writers, with What’s Your Blog POV?  Even better, Harlequin’s Carina Press bought THE KISS TEST, which is my favorite of all the books I’ve written over the years!   And, being an e-book, it wouldn’t take 2-1/2 years to publish — it would be gracing Kindles and Sony Readers everywhere in just a matter of 7 months!

The next few months were spent revisiting and revising THE KISS TEST with my wonderful new editor, Gina Bernal.   It was great working with her, and I had so much fun working again on Margo and Chris’s story.  My reservations about it being an e-book disappeared as I became a fan of the medium.

When Carina Press Launched in July, I indulged in all kinds of new books by authors new and new to me!  On the writing front, I was in a bit of a funk…unsure of what direction to go in.  I *heart* chick lit, but it’s just not that popular these days, and I was having trouble finding my place.  I kept plugging along, talking it out with my friends, and knowing that somewhere down the road, I’d find where I belonged.

September brought some fun news!  VENUS GUY TRAP was a book club pick!  How cool is that?!  Renewed my hope that there were still readers out there who loved chick lit (and Venus!).

October was release month for THE KISS TEST!  I’ll share in another post some of the fantastic reviews it’s gotten, including a mention in Kirkus Reviews by Smart Bitch Sarah, which nearly had me scaling Mt. Everest on sheer joy alone.

October also brought the Emerald City Conference, my favorite writers’ conference, conveniently close to home.  This year it was different, as the conference helped me discover a new direction for my writing career, not so much in terms of what books I want to write, but how I want to give back.  My Super Secret project was born, which I’ll be sharing with everyone in January!  I can’t wait!

As the year winds down, I’m so thankful for a wonderful family, the best of friends, readers who get me and who enjoy my books.  But most of all, I’m grateful for another year ahead just waiting to be better than the last.

Here’s to creating the best year ever for all of us in 2011!