Almost 2007…

So what do the cool kids do on New Year’s Eve?

Apparently they do their taxes. At least when they have a nearly (gag me!) 18 year-old kid, who expects to go to college next year and needs some dang financial aid form filled out before midnight tonight or she might not get a penny from the federal government. At least that’s the story she told ME.

So, yes, while others have been partying in preparation for the new year, I have been doing my taxes. Have any of you ever tried to do your taxes before the end of January, you know, like when we get the all-important things like W2 forms?? Kind of like trying to write a book while missing…characters, for instance.

But, anyway, I faked my way through an entire 1040 form online. Only to discover that the FAFSA online form for 2007 wasn’t available until, like 2007. After being told by every single counselor, financial aid administrator, etc., that if Darling Daughter did not push the SEND button precisely at 12:01 a.m., January 1, 2007, there was a strong possibility she’d miss out on, you know pennies from the government. So, I filled out the FAFSA worksheet and I hope to God that Darling Daughter is FAST so she can get that form filled out and click send by 12:01 a.m., because I sure as heck am NOT staying up for that.

Did I mention I have to do this every year for the next four years? Happy Freakin’ New Year to me!


Okay, I’ll stop complaining now. I promise. 

So the book seems to be selling very nicely! I’ve heard of it being seen in North Dakota, South Carolina, So. California, EVEN Toronto! I’m so grateful to everyone who has told me where they’ve seen it, and especially to those who have purchased VENUS ENVY! You guys rock!

So, to all my friends and readers (who I count as friends, too!), have the happiest of new years! I hope everyone’s dreams come true in 2007!

~ Shannon