ARGGGHHHH!! Time, time, I need more time!

Ever feel like you have too much to do…stuff you want to do and stuff you HAVE to do…and not enough time to do it in? Of course you do. That’s the nature of the female beast. Sigh. 

School starts in 7 days for one kid, 8 days for the other. Three more days of driver’s ed for Darling Daughter. All school shopping done, except for the $70 I have to fork out at Darling Daughter’s orientation day for stuff like ASB cards, yearbook and planner. Kids are too freaking expensive. Sigh. 

I also have a proposal (or two) to get out…soon. All I want to do is write, but today and the next two days are my 8-hour days at work. As I’m transcribing appendectomies and colonoscopies, all I can think of is where I left off in my proposal and what’s next and how fast can I get it done. Sigh. 

WaterGuy’s birthday is this weekend. He needs “quality time.” I want to go see a movie with my daughter. I need to list some stuff on eBay and get them out of my house. Not. Enough. Time. Sigh. 

So, again, no great and exciting blog. Sorry. How come sometimes things seem so much more busy, but you can’t figure out what changed to make it that way? Two months ago, around the time I sold VENUS ENVY, I could think of blog topics on an almost daily basis. Now? I’m pushing it to think of something once a week. My brain is completely overrun with things I need to do…all at the same time, it seems. Sigh. 

Anyway, we do have another Roving Reviewer review from Darling Daughter. This time it’s for a book by one of my Agency Sisters, Beverly Brandt. Enjoy, and I’ll back soon!

The Tiara Club
Beverly Brandt
St. Martin’s Griffin

To everyone around her, Georgia Elliot has a perfect life. She is very close to her mother (in fact, they live across the street from one another). Her friends are always there for her (they’re mostly ex-beauty queens). She’s got a steady, dependable job (selling crystal unicorns and deviled egg plates).

Georgia’s life isn’t nearly that perfect. Her mother is a manipulative pageant winner who thinks that beauty is much more important than brains. Her friends hold their own secrets, including hidden loves and jealousies. Her job isn’t at all what she wishes she were doing. So what’s a girl to do?

When Daniel Rogers descends upon the quaint Southern town, everything is turned upside down. Suddenly, weddings are looming in the distance, high school rivalries are brought back, secrets are told, and love is found. Daniel’s learned a few lessons along the way and he’s not leaving Ocean Sands until his new-found friends have learned them, too.

Beverly Brandt’s newest is full of charming characters: Callie, the single mom of four and bride-to-be, Sierra the teacher-and-soon-to-be-beauty-queen, and the rest of the Tiara Club. You’ll be rooting for these amazing women! This novel is fabulous and definitely a new member of my keeper list. If you liked Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s Ain’t She Sweet, you’ll love The Tiara Club.