Book I Want To Write

Crazy week here with rearranged work schedule to accommodate medical appointments, GameBoy breaking off half a front (permanent) tooth, requiring emergency repair, etc. Good grief!

Fun stuff happened though…a trip to Bellevue for the booksigning of Jane Porter’s ODD MOM OUT. I wish I could have stayed for the party afterward, but I learned my lesson about wearing my very-rarely-worn contacts when I can’t take Excedrin for the headache they are sure to give me. Arghh! Oh well, the bonus to missing the party was getting home in time to watch Grey’s Anatomy, which was a sigh of relief. I missed it so much!! And now that Burn Notice is on hiatus for 8 months or so, I needed some more eye candy. 

So, I came up with this list of books I’d like to write.

1) A book just like Twilight, by Stephenie Meyers, only not that. A YA that’s a little bit dark and edgy, but also humorous. Like with vampires, only not vampires. Hehe….Couldn’t resist after that video the other day.
2) Funny women’s fiction – Chick lit, if I dare call it that. It may have “fallen from favor,” but I still love to write it and to read it. Not sure if a place for it will still be out there or in what incarnation, but I still want to write it.
3) A mystery/suspense. I love the chick lit-like mysteries out there, and I have a few ideas. I’d love to have a continuing series.
4) Romantic comedy – This is really close to the idea of women’s fiction, the only difference being, I think, the idea that the women’s fiction may have less to do with the romance than the woman herself. Not sure I could ever write one that didn’t have a romance in it, but there is a subtle difference.
5) A deeply emotional women’s fiction novel… still with the requisite happy ending, don’t get me wrong. But I’m not opposed to some angst in the middle.

What would you love to write?