Busy Bee

As the bees come out with the spring-like weather I feel like I should be buzzing around with them. Kids are nearing the end of school, so there are lots of activities going on…SAT tests, AP exams, concerts, student-led conferences, half days of school, holiday weekend.

Then there are the family things, like my grandmother’s 90th birthday party in a week and a half. Computers at work failing, which then requires cutting into my family and/or writing time to make up for it.

On the writing front, I sent in my first article to the editor and am awaiting final decision on that. I’d love to get into freelancing to bring in some extra money right now! I started my vampire YA this week…well, a whole five pages, but I’m going to add to that in a few minutes.

Just lots of stuff going on. And, I realize this is a completely boring entry, but that’s all I’ve got, folks. A recitation of my busy life. Sorry.