Drive-by Check-in

Why is the summer so nutso? It’s not like we’re going anywhere or doing anything this summer (other than the kids on a 5-day camping trip with WaterGuy and I joining them for just one night).  Still, I feel busier than when school was in session.

I’m hoping for some good news soon, but that’s all you’re getting at the moment.  I’ll share when I have permission (and something concrete) to share.  

In the meantime, I’m working on my YA, which is fun to think about but kicking my butt in a lot of ways. I’m finally getting to know my main character, Rami (rhymes with Jamie), a bit better.  She’s a runner. I find it highly ironic that I’ve written at least two books where my characters were runners, when I can’t run ten steps without getting shin splints or falling on my face.  I wonder if there’s some psychological thing about giving characters characteristics WE would like to have? 

What do you think, any of you writers out there?  Do we give our characters traits we ALREADY have, or do we tend to give them traits we WISH we had?