Finally some time off…

In the last 34 days, I have had ONE full day off from my day job, and that was Mother’s Day two weeks ago. So, I put my foot down about working any extra this weekend. Not. Going. To. Happen. I have two days off without thinking about work, without stressing out about how much effort I’m putting into something that pays so poorly when I could be writing instead, and with the freedom to think about what I want to think about. So there.

I added a BUNCH of blog links to my sidebar…’cause I figured, if I’m addicted to blog-hopping, I’m taking ya’ll down with me!!  I think I’m going to have to organize them into groups, though, because there are so many. Maybe later, when I’m feeling more energetic.

So anyway, I think I may have mentioned that my wonderful agent invited me, after VENUS ENVY sold, to join another blog for paranormal authors, called Out of the Blogosphere. This was my first post

I’m a little intimidated, not only by the quality and caliber of writers there, but because…confession time…I’ve never been much of a paranormal reader. Odd that I stumbled on the idea of writing a book that happened to be a paranormal romance (with chick lit attitude!). It wasn’t intentional at all. However, now that it’s done, I find myself thinking of more and more paranormal ideas. Got some great ones brewing, I think!

My “brand” of paranormal is very light and humorous. I know there are a lot of “darker” paranormal writers out there…my daughter loves the darker books, especially if they involve vampires. I, on the other hand, cannot wrap my mind around the sexy vampire hero. Sorry! I wish I could, and I know there are thousands of women who think that’s hhhot (as Paris Hilton would say). But…it’s just not me, I guess. Oh, except for Betsy and Sinclair of Undead and Unwed, by MaryJanice Davidson, of course!! Can’t forget them. That book was my second or third try at the vamp characters, and I LOVED them! But, there again, they are definitely “Vamp Lite.”

Anyway, my guilty conscious got the best of me. Belonging to Out of the Blogosphere, I felt that I needed to get myself a little better in tune with the Paranormal world. So, I began by pulling out some of the paranormal books we have in our home library, like The Stone Prince by Gena Showalter, Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon, The Diva’s Guide to Selling Your Soul by Kathleen O’Reilly, as well as Derik’s Bane, again by MaryJanice Davidson (this one, because I haven’t yet progressed to understanding the sexiness of a werewolf). As you can tell, these are all still pretty lite. I just don’t know if I can do deep, dark. Hell, I can’t even stand to watch the evening news because it’s too depressing! I will be reading all the above books very soon, though. I’m feeling brave! 

However, I did try something different…a tiny bit darker, maybe…okay not really THAT dark, but the COVER was dark. I saw an ad (maybe in Romantic Times?) about Kelley Armstrong’s Otherworld series. One of the books was called Dime Store Magic (like “lite magic” for those of us more chicken to try the next book in the series, called Industrial Magic? LOL!) It’s about witches. I could so do witches! I loved books with witches in them when I was a kid. Like the witches in A Wrinkle in Time. Like the witches in…in….dang, I’ve just searched the internet and can’t find…WAIT (brain is activating)…Ruth Chew!…she wrote witch books when I was a kid and I remember loving them! I could soooo read a witch book. 

So, anyway, back to Dime Store Magic… I read it… in three days!! (I should start rating books on how long it takes me to read them. If I love a book I will do anything to find time to read it…including not get very much work done.) I LOVED Dime Store Magic, and will be getting the next book about Paige Winterbourne called Industrial Magic. Yes, I am ready for the big time. 

I feel like I deserve some credit. I may not be able to get turned on by the thought of a vampire sinking his teeth into my neck during the height of passion, no matter how sexy he is when fangs are sheathed, but I’m willing to broaden my horizons. Eventually, I hope to try books by all of the authors on Out of the Blogosphere. 

Who knows? Never say never, ya know. Some day VENUS ENVY may be joined by VAMP ENVY, by Shannon McKelden.