First Booksigning

I made it through my first booksigning! Yay me!

Gerri Russell, whose first book, THE WARRIOR TRAINER, just released the week after mine, is a dynamo! She’s done more in the last less than two weeks since her book came out than most authors do their entire writing career. And one of the things she did was set up booksignings and invite me to join her. Thanks so much, Gerri!

So, Gerri and I, along with another local author, Pat White (LOVE ON THE ROPES and THE AMERICAN TEMP AND THE BRITISH INSPECTOR), had our first signing at the B. Dalton in the Factoria Mall in Bellevue yesterday. 

The signing was great, despite the weather (and so many people still stuck in their driveways after 3 days of below-freezing temps) and the less than ideal traffic at the mall. We all had friends show up, including, in my case, my “oldest” friend, whom I’ve known since I was 2.

Equally fun, was having the wonderful Stella Cameron arrive to show her support. She is the type of author I aspire to be some day…successful, energetic, and giving. To be a NYT Bestselling author and still take the time to be there for those of us just starting out is incredible and thoughtful…and just the kind of person I wish to be. So, thanks, Stella, for making our day! Oh, and here’s our pic. Notice the book she’s holding??

We have more booksignings over the next few weeks, thanks to Gerri’s awesome organization skills. I’m really looking forward to them. A couple of them even include some speaking, and amazingly, I’m not nervous! Having two people with me who are full of energy and positivity really helps.

I also wanted to talk for a minute about the lastest book I read. I plan this year to blog about what I’m reading, at least as time allows. I won’t always, but if I have time I will.

Well, I think, time or no time, I would have made time to blog about HELL’S BELLES by Jackie Kessler. This book ROCKED!! I really don’t know if I can articulate why (since being a writer doesn’t always mean you are articulate). First of all, I loved Jezebel, the heroine of the book. She, being a demon, shouldn’t have been likeable at all…but guess what? I loved her! Secondly, Jackie’s world building was amazing! Half the book took place in Hell. And not a watered-down version of Hell, but a very realistic (and later thought-provoking) Hell.

This book, I should mention, is not a “romance” in the traditional sense of the word. It’s sexy, and at times romantic, but not a “romance” as it is typically defined. And, know what? That’s okay. For some reason I found myself loving the book (probably better defined as a sexy paranormal fantasy) from page 1. It was fast-paced and I loved the way it ended.

Anyway, I just wanted to mention it. So far, I am batting 1000 this year when it comes to books. Next up are the books of my booksigning pals, Pat and Gerri!

Talk to you soon!