Friday 5: TV Shows I’ll Miss During Summer

I always claim not to be much of a TV watcher, and I’m really not, though there are a few “don’t miss” shows on my slate.  Unfortunately, I think most of them ended as of this week.  Wah!  Oh, how I’m going to suffer without them!

1)  How I Met Your Mother – Sigh…the only sitcom I watch, and totally worth it!  I seem to recall this show being criticized as trying to copy Friends, but it so doesn’t.  The gang from HIMYM more than holds their own!  Love me some Neil Patrick Harris, first of all.  But the dynamics of the characters and the writing of the show (sometimes having an entire episode in hilarious flashbacks) keep me coming back week after week. However, I have to say the Season Finale of this show was pretty disappointing.    It wasn’t as funny as I expected.  There were no shocks.  No cliffhangers.  Sigh.  I kind of expected more from them.  However, that doesn’t mean I won’t have me TIVO prepared to grab the very first episode in the fall. 

2) Grey’s Anatomy – I have a love/hate relationship with Grey’s.  Some seasons (or parts of seasons) are so boring I contemplate giving it up.  I wasn’t even sure about a lot of this last season, what with all the talk of Katherine Heigl and T. R. Knight leaving/not leaving, it kind of made it hard to care about their characters much.  But, I have to say, even though it was mentioned by creator Shonda Rhimes over and over that the season finale would be a real shocker, I didn’t believe her.  And BOY WAS I WRONG.  I literally gasped out loud at what was clearly the shocking-est part of the episode!  I rarely react like that to shows.  I’m really excited to see what the next season brings.

3)  Bones – Yum.  Love me some David Boreanaz.  However that’s not the only reason I watch Bones.  I totally dig the forensic anthropology stuff…the bones, the blood, the tissue, the mystery solving.  This season really rocked, too!  I didn’t like last season as much, with an ongoing storyline that was just confusing and not touched upon often enough to remember what was going on from one epi to the next.  But they were back and brilliant this season.  I will, however, say the last episode wasn’t my favorite.  It was an “alternate reality” type of thing that may have been a hallucination or dream.  It was vaguely fun to see what things would have been like if all the characters had chosen different paths.  But I kept waiting for the “real story” to happen.  It never did.  And the cliffhanger was a little “contrived.”  I’ll be interested to see how they pick it up next fall.

4)  Private Practice – I feel much the same about this show as I do Grey’s.  Many people don’t watch Private Practice thinking it’s just a Grey’s knockoff, but it’s not.  Whereas Grey’s focuses on the medical aspects of the storylines, PP focuses on the moral aspects of the storylines.  How would you choose if you were in this position?  I cry constantly over this show, not even because I’m so hooked on the characters, but because the conflicts are so horrifying sometimes, I can’t believe people can make such hard choices.  Great writing fodder, if you want to think about it as building your conflict skill set.  Oh, but the cliffhanger at the end of this season…Scary!!  I mean, you know hope the characters will be fine and be back next season, but still. 

5) Castle – I’m actually late to the Nathan Fillion Fan Club, having never watched Firefly or seen the movie Serenity, but I’m a convert now!  LOVE Castle.  And not just because it’s about a mystery/thriller writer, so Fillion talks/thinks much like I do, but also because the dialogue is fun and snappy and makes me laugh.  Even Darling Daughter, who sooo didn’t care for the show for the first few episodes, is a total fan now.   Castle just got picked up for next season.  Yay!

Bonus:  Two Shows That Rock During the Summer!

The best thing ever invented for TV Lovers Everywhere was off-season shows.  I know there are a lot more, but I have two that I watch, both on USA Network,  and highly recommend.  For both, I would definitely rent the DVDs from past seasons (or watch all episodes online for free – see the links below) to catch up, but hurry, as both these shows start next month.

1)  Psych – Laugh out loud hysterical.  That’s my best description.  Shawn Spencer is  psychic very observant, so he opens a psychic detective agency with his lifelong friend Gus, and they solve crimes for the police department.  I can’t even begin to tell you how hilarious this show is.  Between Shawn’s dysfunctional relationship with his former-cop father, his flirting with Juliet the police detective, and his antagonistic competition with Juliet’s partner Detective Lassiter, it’s nonstop fun. 

2) Burn Notice – Spies, hot guys, and murder, oh my!  Started watching this show on recommendation of my friend, Serena Robar, and was hooked after one episode. Why do I love me some Burn Notice?  Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan) is HOT for starters.  So hot, if you put him and David Boreanaz in a lineup, I’d be unable to choose.  Also, this is another show with fantastic writing, characters you come to love, and a lot of action. 

What shows are you going to miss this summer?  Do you fill the gaping holes with other shows or do you do something else with your time while they’re off air? 

~ Shannon

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