Happy New Year 2005!

Welcome to 2005! (Anyone else still having problems remembering to write 2004 on their checks? Now I have to remember to write 2005?)

After being chastised by a friend for not keeping up with my blog, I decided I better get something up here. What, I’m still not sure.

Funny, when you have kids you tend to think of “years” in terms of the school year calendar rather than the January to December calendar. I lean toward wanting to start fresh and anew in my life long about September when my kids (who have been underfoot for two months) head back to class.

But, this year, I think 2005 may hold many adventures in store for me. Will they be good or bad? Maybe that’s up to me and my attitude about it all.

I feel a bit like a character out of one of my books, whose life is about to take a big turn. With probably impending lay-offs at my job (within weeks, or maybe even days), I’ve taken a good hard look at what I need to do in this event, and what I’d really like to do.

My dream has always been to write full-time. If you’re a serious writer and know the business, it is understood that writers rarely hit it so big on their first published book that they are able to quit their “day job” and stay home to write. I knew that it would take years and several books to get to that point. Only now, the day job may disappear, and I may have the opportunity, at least temporarily to write full-time…like, now. I could at least “practice” being a full-time writer. So, why is that so frightening?

There would be lots of benefits: 1) The chance to write all day, every day, not just on Mondays, and a few hours squeezed in elsewhere. 2) The resulting ability to write my next book in a matter of 6-8 weeks (I write fast when I have the time), instead of 6-8 months. 3) The opportunity to live my dream of writing full-time far sooner than I ever imagined.
There are also cons: 1) No income. 2) No income. 3) No income. 

So, with each passing day, I vacillate between anxiety and excitement. Maybe it’s good research. Next time I have a character who is both excited about something in their life–and at the same time terrified–I’ll know exactly how it feels.

So, here is to a great 2005! A year full of wishful thinking and thoughtful wishes. A year full of comfortable happiness, and a bit of happily stepping out of our comfort zones. A year full of writing and laughter and friends and love.