Holly Daze

Whew. Finally done. Finished the last of my list today. Things I’ve been trying to squeeze in in the last two weeks working for a company that obviously does not get the concept of what “part-time” means. But, it’s done. The last of the wrapping, which had to be done before my kids start Christmas break tomorrow. The two gifts that still needed work before being put under the tree. Etc. All. Done.

Last night our Goalkeepers group did our Secret Angel gift exchange. What fun! We drank Frozen Mint Chocolatinis (way yummy!), ate pizza, salad, and lots of cheese and crackers. Topped it all off with angel food cake and chocolate cool whip! Thanks to Christina for a festive atmosphere.

My gift (from Erin) was lovely bath products, a candle for ambience…and a door hanger that basically says, “Stay the hell out of the bathroom!” I’m going to hang it on my bedroom/office door during Christmas break to keep my kids out. 

We talked about writing, had our Tarot cards read (fun stuff!), took lots of pictures, and just were our generally giggly silly selves.

There must be something magic in (no, not that old top hat they found) friendship and relaxing and just forgetting the pressures of daily life. I’ve had a hard time lately coming up with a new book idea. I need something not chick lit or YA (got those bases covered), but something else. My agent told me to try paranormal romance. Way cool!

Only my brain hasn’t been functioning. Every idea came out stilted and cliched or just plain boring. I told my husband it was because I hadn’t had time in the last month to 1) not be working and/or preparing for the holiday, and 2) be alone, when I can wander around my house and talk to myself, which is how I best plot books. WaterGuy said, perhaps I shouldn’t be telling him that I wander around talking to myself when no one is around. (Heck, if that’s the most insane thing he thinks I do….whew. I’m safe.)

Anyway, I’d pretty much given up being able to plot this new book until January, which was kind of disappointing. I really didn’t want that much time to go by without writing. I’m getting antsy. But, miracle of Christmas miracles, on my way home from the Goalkeepers party last night, I started talking to myself in the car. The conversation went a bit like this:

Me: What if the heroine’s magical powers were inherited?

Me: Like from her mom?

Me: Yeah. Only, the powers don’t come on until puberty.

Me, again: Oh! And, they get kinda wonky with hormone surges!

Me, too: Yeah!! Oooh, better keep the hero far, far away. I don’t think they make a surge protector to protect from his kind of hormone surges. Woo-ey!

Hey, at least in the car, no one can see me talking to myself.

Okay, I take that back… one time I was on my way to an RWA meeting, and I was doing my normal plotting/characterization/scene run-through as I was driving. I pulled into the parking lot and Christina, who had been right behind me (apparently for a very long portion of the drive) gets out of her car and says, “Who the heck were you talking to?” Apparently, once you add hand gestures to the mix, it’s a little more visible to onlookers.

So anyway, craziness aside, I came up with most of the plot and GMC for my book last night! Yippee me! I arrived home at 11:30 p.m. and spent another 20 minutes writing out the GMC so I wouldn’t forget it. Now I’m ready to begin the proposal. Maybe I’ll get the synopsis written tonight.

Well, gotta cut it short and run to pick up children from school. Love to you all! I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you all about the goal-setting we Goalkeepers did last night…okay, this morning. It was just too much to try to make us talk about writing while drinking. Sorry!