I have been reprimanded….

By Teri and by my daughter…I haven’t blogged (at least not a personal blog) in two weeks. I’m sorry. I plead…busy??

So, what have I been doing…editing. The edits for VENUS ENVY are nearly complete. And today I passed my sex test…I mean, my sex SCENE test. Yes, for part of my editing process, I was asked to ADD a sex scene. (This blows out of the water every smart-ass comment made by friends and family about me writing “THOSE kinds of books.” Ha! No, I inform them…I didn’t have ANY sex in my book–I tend to close the door if at all possible– and had to be asked to ADD some.) It’s not that I can’t write those scenes, or that I’m embarrassed by them or anything. I just don’t do it if I don’t have to. But that’s just me.

When I talked to my editor last week, I asked if I could just send her that scene and the one leading up to that scene, to see if it worked before I reread the whole manuscript and sent it in complete. Didn’t want to find out THEN that it didn’t work. Apparently it worked. 

Now I’m down to the final read-through, then I’ll be done and on to my next project. Another episode of the Super Secret Title Trilogy. I’ll reveal the title for that one after I get a contract for it. I kinda like this secretive stuff.  


Oh, I’ve had this sitting on my desk for a few days…

I told my daughter she could be my roving book reviewer. Mostly because I barely have time to read, let alone write about what I read. She on the other hand, devours books whole and then goes back for seconds, sometimes all in one day. So, she’s been making quite the dent in the 41 books (yes, 41, and that was after promising myself I wasn’t going to bring home more than about 20) from Reno. She’s probably downed 10 in the last two weeks, whereas I, on the other hand have read maybe 1 or 2. We actually have a separate shelf in our “library” for books that she’s read and I haven’t. Then, every once in a while, I go through that shelf and remove any that I know I probably never WILL get to and donate them. Keeps the book population at a more manageable level. 

So, here is the debut of Darling Daughter: Roving Book Reviewer:

Shadow Fires by Catherine Spangler
Love Spell Futuristic Romance

Seer Jenna dan Aron lives alone, set apart from her people by her special abilities. She even knows the secrets to her future: she is to be a bartering chip to an alien race. When the opportunity arises, she gives herself to her future husband, the leader of the barbaric Leons. Even she cannot cheat destiny.


Arion of Saura has no choice but to accept the intriguing redhead in turn for his help. But they both find that they’ve just been thrown into a whirlwind the likes of which neither expected. Under the hot desert sun, they will learn to expect the unexpected, even if it means love for one another.


This novel is much more than I ever expected. Spangler wrote fabulously and launched herself straight to ranks of Susan Grant. Fast-paced and edgy, sparks fly as the hero and heroine interact and banish their demons while learning the greatest lesson of all – love defies all else. This story left me wishing for more.



I don’t have much more to say. Well, actually I do…I want to talk about how I really need to learn to ratchet up the sexual tension in my books. That’s MY favorite part of romance novels, and I know it’s something I’d really like to excel at. Also, I want to talk about how I am too nice to my characters. I am!! I never want to hurt them or make bad things happen to them…even when I know it will turn out good in the end. Even when I know that some of the best books I’ve read have been where the characters are most “tortured” by their author and overcome real hardships. I guess I need to remember that even if bad stuff happens to them…I AM the boss of the book, so I know the outcome will be good. Sheesh.

But, alas, edits are calling me, and I need to get back to them. I will try to stop by in a day or so to chat about one of those topics!