I wanna, but I don’t…

In the spirit of not being a “lazy blogger” (to quote one of my bestest friends, who dared to call me that last week), I’ll blog about my weekend. Exciting stuff…not. 

Yesterday, went to the Western Washington Fair, courtesy of complimentary concert tickets given to us by a coworker of WaterGuy. The concert was for “Rock ‘N Roll Legends.” In other words, old guys trying to stay young and hip. Actually, though I wasn’t really super familiar with the names of the groups, when I looked up their songs on Napster, I knew most of them. Not, mind you, because I was in any way listening to their songs when they were popular…I’m not THAT old, despite my swiftly advancing age. But my husband listens to oldies on the radio, so I’ve heard them there. 

So, WaterGuy and I go to the fair. The fair we grew up with, living in Puyallup our whole lives. We used to go every year when we were kids, rode rides, played games, got sick on Krusty Pups and scones. As we got older, we didn’t go as much, mostly because it got so f-ing expensive! Parking: $8. Admission: $10. Krusty Pup (a freakin’ CORN DOG!): $3.50!!! WTF??? 

After about 2 hours of wandering around yesterday, we decided that you could actually go to the fair and only go through approximately 1/3 of the exhibits (since they were repeated ad nauseum in every exhibit building there) and see everything there is to see. It’s become so commercial, it’s ridiculous. Everyone is selling something. If you aren’t there to ride rides (never my favorite thing, but even less so considering the cost!), eat food (see above “WTF” comment about paying $3.50 for a friggin’ corn dog!), or play games (no need to explain the lack of point to THAT), there’s nothing to do. The Hobby Hall, which used to be one of my favorite things, is about half the size it used to be this year. The animals…where the heck were they? They were almost nonexistant. What happened to the old country feel to the fair? Are we just too old to enjoy it? Somehow I don’t think it’s only us. Oh well. 

We were so disappointed by the time we were done that we didn’t even stay for the concert. Neither of us really cared, so we just decided to count the free tickets as free tickets for admission to the fair and just go home and have a quiet evening with the kids. Much nicer.  

So, after we got home, I was printing something out on the computer and noticed that, for the last week or so, pictures haven’t been printing very well on the printer. Plain black documents from Word print great. Plain black pictures of documents that I scanned print in kind of a orangish-brown color. Weird. So I ran some tests and discovered that the blue ink cartridge wasn’t printing at all. We went to buy another blue cartridge, put it in, and it still didn’t work. Ugh. Did some research, discovered it was probably either a loose (and deeply buried in the bowels of the printer) tube of some sort, or the printer was just plain tits up. Didn’t feel like taking the whole fool printer apart just to see if it was a tube, so I did some research into buying a new one. I figured, like everything else these days, it’s more expensive to get it fixed, than to just replace it. Stupid as that is. 

Buying new gadgets is one of those things I want to do, but I don’t want to do. I don’t want to spend the money on them. But I do like having them. So, I ended up finding an Epson Stylus CX6600, all-in-one scanner/printer/copier, for $200 with a $70 rebate. Not too shabby. Won’t have to cry too much when it, too, kicks the bucket in a year or two. Also, since my several-year-old scanner is starting to die this will serve as a replacement for it, also. Plus not take up as much room on the desk. Plus work better as a copier, which I use all the time, than my old scanner did. I never did figure out all the “One Touch” features on that old scanner. Hopefully this one would be a little more user friendly.

So, off I go this morning to drop the teen girls off at the fair to spending their money and to buy the new printer. (Bored yet? Well, too bad! I’m going to tell you about every agonizing moment of this weekend, so you-know-who can’t call me a lazy blogger anymore!). 

I get to the store and find that, not only do I get the $70 rebate, but I also get an instant $10 off, PLUS another $40 rebate! Hey, by the time I’m done, this thing will only cost me $80! Very cool! I came home, plugged it in, and within about 15 minutes I had filled out all the rebate forms (copying them nicely with my new all-in-one copier/scanner/printer), plus another rebate that was about to expire, which had been sitting on my desk waiting to be copied. Gotta say, I like it so far! 

Nothing else fantastically exciting going on the rest of the weekend. May clean off my desk. May clean out my purse. May balance the checkbook (that should be easy…it’s empty now). This week I plan to finish up the synopsis for Book 2 of the Super Secret Title Trilogy. I’ll let you know how it goes!

Ta-ta for now!