It’s the thought that counts…

After yesterday’s post, Mizz K, misinterpreting my jaunt through the woods as actual sports-mindedness, threatened me with physical activity…I mean, kindly invited me to go on a scenic hike with her. Only I’ve read about her “scenic hikes” and, frankly, I’d rather have my fingernails removed with pliers…without anesthesia.

There is a reason God made me a writer. It allows me to nurture my growing skills. I’m especially prolific at growing the gluteus maximus species, having grown it to new breadths and depths, merely by feeding it and otherwise neglecting it terribly.

I wholeheartedly believe in sticking to what I’m good at.

After yesterday morning’s cat fiasco, Darling Daughter and I headed over to the community college to take our final exam in Patience 101. I believe if the professor understands that we did our best, though it’s not our best subject, we may both squeek by with passes. Three freaking hours to register for 5 classes! The actual registration took exactly 10 minutes. The rest was spent waiting in line. And, the worst of it was that phone reception sucked, so after chatting with Serena and being disconnected 3 times, I finally lost ALL connection and had to go back to staring at the walls. Sigh.

Anyway, I have actually completed most of my to-do list this morning. We’re at T minus 2 days until graduation, so my list is huge and has to be done between work and sleep. So, I’m off to the bank now. I’ll check back later!