Labor update

It’s been a while since I gave an update of the birthing of a book. First of all, we’ve had a last minute name change. You know how you struggle to come up with the perfect name, and then just when you think you have it, you realize you don’t? Well, that’s what happened.

I’ve renamed my paranormal romance. It’s now GOOD WITCH HUNTING, which fits for several reasons that I won’t elaborate.

Next, I finished chapter 5 this week!! Yay! Just a little more editing and it’ll be off to my agent for her opinion. God, I hate that part. Waiting to see if she likes it before it goes any further. It ties me in knots, as I’m sure it does most writers. Nobody wants their baby judged and found wanting.

This week, I’ll put the proposal together, read/critique a chapter for a friend, have a phone meeting to discuss a possible project, and then I’m not sure what. Maybe take a break and read for a while, as I ponder my next move. I’ll let you know.