Lost. Adrift. Computerless.

Okay, obviously not completely computerless if I’m writing this. Half computerless. Less the more important computer. How could this be?

This tale just goes to show that there is absolutely no point in me trying to be a good and dedicated employee. I am punished for my efforts.

So, this morning I go through my usual routine of checking my e-mail on my desktop computer, which I then usually leave to deal with later when I have more time. In a supreme effort to get some actual work done, thus proving myself to be a more valuable employee (actually, I just wanted to actually get $$ on my paycheck seeing as how I get paid by how much I type no matter how long it takes me), I decided to turn off my computer. Without the computer on, I would have no access to internet or e-mail, thus taking away all temptation to answer any quick, “OMG, did you see the So You Think You Can Dance finale last night?” e-mails, or surf the net because in the middle of an appendectomy I suddenly just HAVE to know if any pics of Suri Cruise have been released to the public yet.

So, like a good, dedicated employee, I shut down the computer. At least for two hours anyway. Hey! It’s like quitting cigarettes! You can’t be expected to just go without the nicotine. They make a patch for that. When they make a patch for computer addiction, I’ll think about quitting, but until then fuggedaboudit.

Well, I lasted 1-1/2 hours. Only it still didn’t take away from my working, because the work computer had conked out on me. I had to wait for them to fix it on their end (their very slooowww end), so why not utilize my time wisely and check to see what very, very important things my pals had been saying while I was slaving away (see, they have far less self control!).

So, I reach down and push the power button, anxious for that surge of my favorite drug to shoot through my system.


Not a spark.

Not a beep.

Not a little green light to signify lift off.

I pushed again. And again. And again. I threw in a few curse words just in case it did not realize how serious this situation was.

Then, I tried a new cord. A new outlet. Another new cord in another new outlet. A new cord in a new outlet in a different room.


You can imagine my pain, I’m sure. Imagine it further exacerbated by the fact that I’m now going to have to take it in to be repaired. This after taking my car in for a $18 oil change yesterday and coming out $525 poorer (new brakes and fixing leaking differentials). This after school shopping for two kids clothes AND enough damn school supplies to last the whole freaking year (at least they damn well better!). This after veterinary expenses (which I will not complain about, because I loved my boy and he deserved the best).

I estimate I have spent about $1500 in the last 17 days since returning from Atlanta. Oh, and this was after the trip to Atlanta.

This is what I get for being a good employee and turning off my computer so I can concentrate. Never. Happening. Again.

So, I took a break from the job whose fault this whole thing was anyway, and took my computer to the shop. The verdict? $178. New power supply. Diagnostics because apparently when the power supply goes out, it frequently takes something else along with it. Labor. Sigh.

I feel like a drug addict with the shakes. And all it will take to get rid of the shakes is to pay $178 to my “dealer” and wait until he scores some good stuff.


PS: So if you sent me any email in the last two days. I can’t see it. I’ll answer it when I finally get my computer back. Sigh.