Lunching…and stupidity

First for “lunching.” Found out today that I will be “lunching” with my editor (still can’t get over the thrill of saying that!) in Reno next week! Yay! Just the joy of getting to meet her (and having an editor TO meet at all) is totally cool. 

PLUS, I get to meet my wonderful agent for the first time!! And, she is generously taking all her clients to a really cool lodge at Lake Tahoe (the Thunderbird Lodge), which looks so incredibly beautiful, I can’t wait! I feel like I’m getting all these really cool gifts!!  

I am soooo excited for Reno this year. Did I mention that before?  

As for stupidity…

I thought my “farmer’s tan” looked really tacky with my evening dress that I got for the Rita/GH awards, so decided I needed to fix that. Note: I HATE sitting in the sun (I must be the family mutant, because my mother and father are sun worshippers (read: skin cancer victims waiting to happen) and my sister likes sunbathing. Not sure about my brother. 

I, on the other hand hate, hate, hate sitting in the sun. I hate heat, I hate bright light, etc. So, I haven’t sunbathed since I was a kid. The farmer’s tan (the one where your arms are dark and then it cuts off mid-biceps, where your shirts-sleeves end, and the rest of you is pasty white)…that’s from driving in the Jeep with the top down last summer. 

Yes, I said LAST summer. See, I may not have inherited the “desire to cook in the sun on purpose” gene from my parents, but I definitely inherited the “once I’ve browned, I’m browned for years” gene. 

I once went to Hawaii as a child with my family. I had a bathing suit with a little circle cutout high on the hip. The skin within the hole turned brown from two weeks in the sun, of course. THREE YEARS later, that little circle was still visible and I never wore that bathing suit again. Seriously. 

So, my arms and hands are perpetually a healthy shade of tan no matter what time of year. However my chest and shoulders were a pasty shade of white. Which, again, looked stupid in my dress. (Had I been all one pasty shade of white, including my arms, I wouldn’t have looked pasty, I would have looked “evenly done.” It’s the stark difference between brown and white, which looked dumb.)

Anyway, I decided today, since it was only 75 degrees or so (I KNOW temperature has nothing to do with it!), and since I wouldn’t be out in it very long (I KNOW it doesn’t take much time, what with the gaping holes in the ozone layer!), I would put on a strapless top and sit in the sun for 1-1/2 hours. Which I did. That’s all I could stand. Which turned out to be a good thing. 

Apparently, skin that hasn’t seen daylight in more than 6 years (since I had surgery and gained a lovely scar on my chest I was admonished to keep out of sunlight), well, that virgin skin cooks faster than other skin. A lot faster.

And apparently keeps cooking even when no longer in the sun any longer. 


Now I’m burned. 

And it stings. 

And if it peels…well let’s just say that farmer’s tan? It would have looked much better with my dress than sheets of sloughing skin.