Mother/Daughter Binge and Purge

My Darling Daughter and I are pretty close. We do a lot together. Yesterday, we purged.

No! Not THAT kind of purging. Sheesh, what kind of mother do you take me for.

No, we purged our library. We binge on books quite frequently, so it’s only fitting that we purge once in a while…take some of that weight off.

So, for about an hour yesterday, we stood in front of our bookcases and looked at each and every book.

Pointing to the first one. “This one?”


“Me, neither.”

Throw it in the pile.

Point to the next one. “This one?”

“Oh. I want to. But probably not.”

“Me, neither.”

Throw it in the pile.

And so on. And so forth.

We purged over 100 books!! There were some we’d either been given or won or had been purchased second hand to give a new author a try. There were books (hundreds probably) that I’ve brought home from conferences. Books Darling Daughter bought that I won’t ever read. Books I bought that she’ll never read. Books both of us have read, but as much as we loved them we had to admit they weren’t keepers, so they had to go, too.

Oddly, though, after purging all that…it doesn’t really look like we’ve lost much “book weight.” There are still plenty of books to choose from.

And I think we’re making a trip to Borders tomorrow, too.