Must. Check. In.

Before the blogger police [MizzzK] get on my case, I figured I better check in. I have the perfect excuse for not blogging for the past few days though….

I got my first copyedit of VENUS ENVY! I was sooo excited! Something to do on my book, something to remind me that it’s real, something to give me an excuse not to…I mean, to show that I’m still a soon-to-be-published writer, not a wasting-away-because-I-have-no-good-ideas-writer.

Only copyedits? Really boring. Like fall-asleep-at-your-desk boring.

Took me 2 days. Not bad, I don’t think. I went through them once. Then looked up a bunch of stuff. Tore my hair out about some other stuff. Then input it all into my copy of the manuscript. Not too bad.

Elizabeth said my copyedit looked pretty good. My queries (where the copyeditor questions little things, like: “How did she get her salmon so fast at the restaurant?” because she ordered and then barely spoke 3-4 more lines and had her food already) were typed out (Elizabeth’s come on sticky notes scattered throughout the manuscript…the better to lose them, I’d say). Everything was pretty neat and tidy. Oh, and I only had 6 queries, which meant I didn’t have a copyeditor trying to be a writer and second-guessing every move I made in the book. Apparently this happens fairly frequently.

So, anyway, copyedits are done. Now I have to come up with my dedication and acknowledgement page. Oh, and I have an actual ISBN number!! Two actually, now that they have 10- and 13-digit numbers due to running out of ISBN numbers or something. That was really cool.

Later…tomorrow or something…I will show you one more neat thing about copyedits. But, for now, I have to get back to work.