New use for spam…

Spam as a character-building tool! Not building my character. Although, as much patience as I have to exercise in deleting this sh*t every day…

No, I mean as a means for building characters for my fiction.

Have any of you noticed that most spam comes from individuals now? No more obscure e-mail addresses anymore. NOW spam comes from kind-hearted folks with names like Andrea Singer. SURELY I’ll be willing to check out the price of C$alis because ANDREA sent me the message. Good old pal, Andrea.

But, then I realized one day that spam was a great source of NAMES. Character names. So, I’ve been collecting them. Just in the past week I’ve received enough spam to populate a small village! Watch for these future names to show up in my books:

Wanda Belanger
Nickolas Bennett
Lucinda Lindsey
Nadine Mayer
Letitia Melton
Ramona — must be like Cher. Didn’t have a last name.
Lessie Fountain
Silvia Wood
Cyrus Varner
Melvin Swan

The list is endless…the resources never to be exhausted. Fresh, unique names delivered to my inbox every single day! I will never again run out of name ideas.

Spam as a blessing. Who’da thought?