Here’s a link to the VENUS ENVY review at Romance Junkies. Thanks so much, Leigh O., for reviewing it (and for loving it!).

Authorlink posted this “May We Recommend” recommendation for Venus:

“The goddess Venus is forced to become the fairy godmother to Rachel Greer, who is fed up with dating. The idea of combining classical mythology, fairy tale, and a chick-lit read was absolutely ingenious!”—Audrey Blaisdell, Sarasota News & Books, Sarasota, FL

Thanks, Audrey!

And, last, but not least, reviewer Harriet Klausner (who gave it 4/5 stars on Amazon, 5/5 stars on B&N) says: “Readers will appreciate VENUS ENVY as she does what she does best, cause havoc with the heart.”

Fun stuff!