No cheating allowed…

So, Elizabeth mentioned that she prints out her first draft as she writes. And backs it up on her hard-drive and jump drive. Sounds logical. One never knows when Armageddon shall strike and you’ll need to have a backup of your latest manuscript.

My daughter then pointed out the other benefit of printing out every day’s pages…no cheating. If I’ve printed it out, I can’t give in to the temptation of editing even a tiny little bit on the computer the next day. Otherwise, they won’t match.

Elizabeth also takes notes on the hard copy if she thinks of something that needs to be added or changed later (or earlier) in the manuscript. Gena does this by inserting notes right into her manuscript (i.e., in the middle of chapter 13 inserting a note to add something to chapter 3) as she writes (which she does by long-hand!).

I’m using Gena’s method of inserting notes into the manuscript, although I’m writing it on the computer. So, for instance, I may type:


I know there’s something funny to be said, just not what it is at the moment. Gena assures me funny can be inserted at a later date.