Sorry my blogging is suffering with my newfound joy of writing at Borders. Among other things…like laundry, and dinner, and, well just about anything else to be done at home.

I started wondering this morning why I like going to Borders to write so much, when it’s so much like commuting to work…which I swore I would never, ever do again. I have worked at home almost exclusively for most of the last 10 years, and I have loved every minute of it. When I lost my job in February, the thought of finding a new job that might require going in to an office nearly gave me hives. I LIKE working at home. It’s quiet, it’s peaceful…there is a distinct lack of psychotic coworkers.

So, what’s with the Borders thing? That’s eerily like driving to the office to go to work. Other than the fact that I get to sit in the cafe to write. At a table instead of a desk. The 20 minute drive?…a lot like commuting.

Maybe it’s Book Magic! I mean what’s more mystical to a writer than thousands of books? Maybe they give off this wonderful vibe that permeates my creative mind and unlocks the attic door. You know, cause there’s a pretty good chance all that creativity might end up on the shelves in published form some day.

Other than that…couldn’t tell you. I do know that I’ve hit the 35% mark in TWO WEEKS (along with much editing, chopping a synopsis from 19 to 11 pages, and reworking a plot line). That means, potentially, I could finish this book in 6 weeks total. Granted, it’s a YA, which is considerably shorter (half) than my Chick Lits, but still.

(Also, I realized the other day that if I was participating in NaNoWriMo this month, I’d be ahead! Yay! Hope everyone else is doing that well.  )

Not sure what I’m going to do when this proposal is done (one more chapter to go!). I don’t know whether to keep working on this, or move over to the one I know will sell…although I still haven’t heard anything about VENUS Part Deux, yet. Editor’s out of town, too, so won’t hear anything until next week. I’d love to get that sale under contract soon. Especially since I’m almost ready to make another life change.

My job is, as usually, making me insane. Too much work in the summer and now not enough work (usually due to unnecessary panicking on the part of the schedulers, whereupon they ask for OT, whereupon people take them up on it and wipe out all the work for all the regulars…grrrrr!) . Today I actually managed to talk them into letting me have the afternoon off when I ran out of work after 2-1/2 hours. I didn’t want to spend the whole day fighting 5 other transcriptionists for every little report as it got dictated. Plus, if we kept it down to nothing all day today, it would be repeated again tomorrow. SO aggravating.

Anyway, I’m plotting…and planning on cutting my hours again. I work 33 hours a week now, but if I cut 5 more hours from Thursdays, I’d have four 4-hour writing days a week. That would be great! This will take a little finagling (sp?), but I think I can do it. Especially if I sell VENUS Book 2…and REALLY especially if I sell HEART BROKEN, the YA I’m working on now. Just a few more dollars in the bank and I’ll feel better about cutting back again. It’s a slow process. Not many of us writers make it so big the first time out that we can quit our day jobs.

But, maybe, as with writing, the plotting, for me, is the best part. The discovery of the nuggets, the digging up of the treasures our characters are hiding, turning that next corner to see what happens on their journey. Maybe that’s what this changing careers process is for me…a journey of discovering what’s around that next bend. I bet it will make me smile.