Serena stole my blog topic, but I’m gonna do it anyway!

Okay, but now I don’t know what to say, because SHE already said it. 

I got my fourth quote for VENUS ENVY this morning, and I couldn’t have been more thrilled. And, yes, it did make me cry.

As Serena pointed out, when we send our books to other authors for cover quotes, and those authors happen to be friends, you have some expectation that they are going to say something nice, if for no other reason than that they want to remain your friend. Not that that means you don’t completely LOVE them forever if they do give you a good quote, because God knows we writers are an insecure lot and will take any praise we can get and post it on our walls, in our “props” books, and on index cards to carry in our wallets so that we can read them whenever we feel a bit needy.

On the other hand, if the quote comes from a total stranger, who couldn’t care less if you like them, WOW what a rush that is. And if that author happens to be the author of one of the first chick lit books you read and loved and which really prompted you to KNOW that you could write in this genre…WOWZA! I can’t even explain the emotional POW I got from that.

Melissa Senate’s book SEE JANE DATE was, I think, only the second chick lit book I ever read. It was her first book. It was great and was later made into a TV movie (isn’t that every writer’s dream?). I didn’t even know that she was reading MY first book until I got a note from my editor this morning, stating that Melissa had loved VENUS ENVY and had read it in two sittings. I had tears in my eyes before finishing that sentence, and I hadn’t even gotten to the quote yet!

The quote would make any mama proud of her first-born:

“Loved it from the first line. One of the most fun debuts I’ve read, full of delightful snark and lots of heart!” –Melissa Senate, author of See Jane Date and Love You To Death

Did it make you cry? It made me cry. 

Add to it all the other great quotes VENUS ENVY has received:

Delicious fun! A sparkling, laugh out loud treat. – Gena Showalter, author of Jewel of Atlantis and Awaken Me Darkly

“Witty, charming, and surprisingly touching. Don’t miss this delightful novel!” —Beverly Brandt, bestselling author of Match Game on Venus Envy

“Great Zeus! Paranormal meets Chick-Lit in Shannon McKelden’s debut novel, Venus Envy, and the result is Mount Olympus-sized fun!”
-Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of How Nancy Drew Saved My Life, Vertigo, and Angel’s Choice

I have to say, I’m feeling pretty loved right now.