No not of Santa, though I’m sure NORAD is gearing up to do their job tonight. But, really, the guy in the red suit can’t bring me anything close to what I’ve already recieved.

No the sighting I’m talking about is even better! It’s a VENUS ENVY sighting!

I knew it was coming. Like a kid on Christmas Eve, I’ve been waiting and anticipating and sneaking peeks in every bookstore I’ve been to in the past two weeks (overanxious much?). But my friend Julie Revell Benjamin (the winner of the very first copy of VENUS I gave away) spotted VENUS in the Crossroads B&N (Seattle) last night!! Yay! This was so much better than Santa!

So, let me know if you see it, where it was, how many copies were there, and where it was displayed or shelved in the store. I need to keep track of all this stuff, ya know! I may not have as sophisticated a system of tracking VENUS ENVY as NORAD does to track Santa, but it works for me and includes all my pals around the country (the world?).

Love to you all! And many happy wishes for the new year!

– Shannon

PS: I haven’t forgotten the super-duper, one-of-a-kind, handmade prize, and I’m still going to do it, but it’s Christmas, for cryin’ out loud, and I haven’t had time to BREATHE. Oh, and you can feel even more sorry for me…I have to WORK on Christmas Day. Sigh. Send your sympathies my way…or better yet, buy VENUS ENVY so maybe I can eventually retire and write full time instead.