Tagged! Truth or a Lie?

Lacey Kaye tagged me to do this, and since it sounded pretty fun…

The game is, I’ll give you 5 facts about me that most people wouldn’t know. Four of them will be the truth and one will be a lie. See if you can figure out which one is the lie.

1. I have only ever dated, kissed, and slept with one guy. 
2. When I was 3 years old, I ate a slug. My dad was outside salting slugs and turned around to find me toddling along after him…with salt and slime on my fingers and around my mouth. My father told this story to every guy I ever dated.
3. McKelden is actually my middle name. It’s an old family name passed down through 5 generations at this point. It started as my great-grandmother’s maiden name, then my grandmother’s, my father’s, mine, and now my daughter’s middle name. Found out at a family reunion a few years ago that McKelden was the family name passed down consecutively the most times without skipping a generation.
4. I am actually an accomplished painter. I won a contest in high school…Best Upcoming Artist in the oil painting category. It earned me a full scholarship to the Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. The reason I turned it down? I wanted to get married (see #1) and was afraid (wrongly, I’m sure, now that I look back) that if I attended art school he wouldn’t wait for me. Twenty years later, I have two kids and a very happy marriage, and I love my budding career as a writer…but sometimes, I wonder what might have been, ya know?
5. I once spent my birthday ridding my pantry of rodents…actually catching mice in my bare (okay GLOVED) hands and freeing them over the fence into the woods. I ended up catching 5 total over the next couple of days (plus a couple of dead ones). Happy birthday to me!?

Now, okay, which ones are for real and which one is a lie?? See if you can guess. (And no hints from those of you who know that answer!)