The laboring begins…

Dateline: Tuesday

9:00 a.m.: Finish with appendectomies and ingrown toenails. Deliver GameBoy to school. 
9:30: Open new document file and spend five minutes trying to set up what should already have been set up the RIGHT way. 
10:00: Blink feverishly, hoping page is not really still as blank as it looks. 
10:02: Dash off email to friends — “Today’s goal….8 pages. Ready, Set, go!” This is meant as motivation, although they probably all thought I was losing my mind with the cryptic note. I knew someone would ask me about it, though, leaving me accountable for actually doing it. I was right.
2:00 pm: Finally have 8 freakin’ pages. Whew. That was a rough one.

I’m really not fond of starting new books. Planning them, yes. Actually writing them, no.

For one thing, I don’t think I ever write a book the same way as the last…although I’ve finally come to the conclusion that that snippet thing? That’s my process, and I may as well not fight it by trying to put on “plotting airs” by filling in fancy worksheets for every scene like I tried with my last book.

Also, I was (am) pretty terrified about What a Witch! not sounding like me. It is, after all, the first 3rd person POV book I’ve written in, oh, 3-4 years, I think. So, I tried a method Suzanne Brockmann uses of writing a scene in the 1st person POV and then switching it. This is to get you deeper into the character’s head. I tried this Tuesday, and it seemed to work. I think. It’s hard to tell. When I’m done with the chapter, I’m going to ask my agent to read it and see if she things I’m succeeding in keeping my voice or if I’m doomed.

Dateline: Wednesday

9:00 a.m.: Wrap up the last head wound and lance the final boil. Drop GameBoy off at school.
9:30: Open yesterday’s document. Remember that I haven’t showered in two days and decide that must be remedied. 
10:00: Sit down at computer with drippy hair. Remember that WaterGuy was a little pissed off last night about not having appropriate workwear cleaned and ready to, uh, wear. Separate laundry and start first load. 
10:15: Plant butt in chair, put hands on keyboard. Mentally set 8 page goal. 
2:00 pm: 6 pages down. Dammit. But there’s still time. 
8:00 pm: Finally get that last couple of pages done to make 8 page goal for the day. Whew.

Today it was back to an 8-hour day. Just when I was getting into it. Sigh. Books take so freaking long to write, it’s a wonder anyone has a long enough attention span to finish one.

However, on a bright note, during Wednesday’s writing (and perhaps the reason it took me 4 hours to write 6 pages), Teri and I bounced ideas of each other by e-mail. She has a terrific YA idea, so I supplied a few more ideas, then shared another idea I have, for which she had some great ideas right back. By the time we were done, we were both bemoaning the lack of time to write all these fantastic books! Would that we were Nora. Or Gena. Or Katie. Sigh.