Up-to-dating my site

Well, in case you haven’t noticed my absence in the last year…I’ve been absent.   Absent, however, is not synonymous with lazy, because I’ve been anything but.  My freelance writing for iParenting.com has continued steadily.  It’s a lot of fun interviewing people, and I find myself suggesting topics that interest me, even though I’m no longer a parent of infants or toddlers, which are my target audience. 

I’ve also been hard at work finished up writing and editing VENUS GUY TRAP!  I’m so excited about this book.  It turned out a bit more emotional that I thought it would…but don’t worry, Venus is her usual snarky self.  Publication is set for February 2010, and I’m really excited to see what the Tor art department comes up with in terms of a cover…which, of course, I’ll share here as soon as I can. 

Anyway, bear with me as I tweek and fiddle with this site.  Learning WordPress has been a challenge, but I really wanted my blog to be front and center to my website, allowing me to keep everyon up to date all in one place.  For now, if you want to follow me, look me up on Facebook (until I figure out how to link directly to my Facebook page).