What is it with the best intentions?

Are they automatically destined to fail? This is a serious question! I want to know that answer.

I started blogging again, fully intending to keep it up, and what happens? Crap happens. I won’t bore you with the details, but they involve health and work, not necessarily in order of importance at any given moment. Sheesh.

I’ve been giving my new WIP some thought. The thought is not making me happy. With Serena’s help, I’ve determined that maybe I need to ditch most of the idea and go back to the basics. A hero and heroine I like very much and with goals, motivations, and conflicts that just lend themselves to an awesome plot. I need to go back to basics and, well, re-plot. Start all over. So, I’m working on that. Or, I was until the above health and work related crap came up again.

However, on a bright note, both are feeling a bit more under control today, so keep your fingers crossed that I can share more words of wisdom very soon!

Write on, rock on!

~ Shannon