What Would Venus Do?

Venus is visiting us today with a Q&A from our reader mail! When you’re done taking Venus’s most goddess-like advice, come visiting ME at ChickLitGurrl, where I’ve done an interview! Thanks to ChickLitGurrl for asking me to be part of your great site! – Shannon

Dear Venus,

I love shopping! But, my boyfriend says I spend more time shopping more than I do with him and it’s either him…or Saks!! What would you do??
– Have to make a choice in O.C.

Mmmm….shopping. We should get together and hit Rodeo Drive sometime!

The thing men don’t get is that shopping is important. To our self esteem. To our social status. To the economy, for Zeus’s sake! (Black Friday wouldn’t exist without the shoppers who make it possible.)

Men need to look at shopping differently…as a skill that gets far too little credit. It takes as much stamina to make it through a Macy’s Thanksgiving sale as it does to run for a 60-yard touchdown. (And we do it without the benefit of padding and safety helmets!) And any woman who’s made a dive for the last pair of designer heels on the bargain table could teach baseball players a thing or two about sliding home. (It’s all about how much you really want it.)

Before you forego Ferragamo, you could try convincing your man to take up shopping as a spectator sport. Remind him that it doubles as a workout if he carries your purchases. If that doesn’t work, offer a little incentive. For every day of shopping you get, you’ll buy a little something for him…and I don’t mean a Dooney & Bourke handbag. Sexy lingerie is a gift you both can share.

Finally, ask yourself if he’s right. As much as it pains me to say it, shopping really should be the second most important thing in your relationship. If you treat him like #1 most days, he won’t be so jealous of your time with Barneys and Marc Jacobs.