What’s Up, Pussycat?

Hi! I’m still alive for all of you who’ve been wondering.

If you haven’t been wondering, that’s okay, too. I can’t be the center of the universe for everyone.

So, what have I been up to in my long absence? Um, nothing exciting. When I tried to explain why I hadn’t updated my blog in two months, one of my coworkers had it just about right: What’s so exciting about, “I got out of bed this morning. I worked 8 hours. I went back to bed.”? Not a damn thing, I’m telling you.

Shocking, isn’t it, to discover the life of a writer is boring as white bread sometimes.

But, seriously…I’ve been, um, in a slump? I really hate to admit that. I always swore this wouldn’t happen to me.

I was also sure as soon as school was back in session that slump would begin to un-slump. Only that hasn’t been the case. Not only has life conspired to keep me from getting into a writing routine again (still playing Mom Taxi, some medical issues to take care of in the next few weeks), but I’ve been stuck. What do I want to write? Where do I fit in?

It’s not that I haven’t been thinking about writing. I’ve actually done quite a bit of studying of the craft, which is really important. I’ve been listening to the RWA National Workshops CDs…I recommend Michael Hague especially, as well as the no-punches-pulled chat with The Nora. Then, I watched a DVD workshop by Michael Hague and Chris Vogler that I’ve had for years and never watched. It was fabulous…the same info Michael gave at National, but expanded. Highly recommended!

October’s going to be a big (and hopefully Inspiring with a capital I) month for me. I’m attending a workshop by Donald Maass, based on his Writing the Breakout Novel book, which I’m sooo looking forward to. Then, to be further inspired, I’ll be attending the Emerald City Conference, put on by the Greater Seattle Chapter of RWA, at the end of the month, which never fails to light a fire under my behind. I was finally able to finish VENUS ENVY after a weekend at that Conference in 2004. I so missed being at National this year that I need ECWC more than ever, I think. Bonding and breaking bread with 200 or 2000 romance writers is like the Red Bull of inspiration.

Anyway, I’m going to strive to blog on a more regular basis. I know there are people watching me. My coworkers (Hi, Ladies!), whom I have come to know and really enjoy through X-Chat (since we live all over the country and have never met), discovered I have a blog, so I’ve been warned to update. And, Mizz K, though she restrains herself for the most part, sometimes just breaks down and has to beg. J

I promise I’ll try harder.