What’s up with that?

How is it I can feel like I never have time to rest because my life is so full, and yet, I can’t come up with a darn thing about my “full life” that is interesting to talk about??

We made it through Darling Daughter’s graduation…I think I’m the only one who cried, at least until she had her diploma and we still had another 150 kids to go, at which point I was too bored to be teary-eyed. (Oh, don’t tell me you’ve never been bored to tears at a school function!)

I’ve also survived several driving lessons with Darling Daughter…none of which involve the open road yet, but that’s coming.

Work has actually “slowed down” (read: no more mandatory OT, but still full time, which takes up ME time).

I have read some really fabulous books lately. J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, for one (or 4, actually). I read four 400+ page books in 10 days. And then I wrote my agent and told her I was giving up writing forever, because after reading these four books, I picked up a book by a favorite author….only to find that it sucked. Seriously. Which means, if she sucked (being a NYT bestselling, practically cult-status author), then I clearly have to be far more sucky than that, so I might as well give up.

Gotta love the agent who responds to my completely serious career crisis with, “Okay, you are screamingly funny!” Except I wasn’t trying to be funny. However, I couldn’t really dash all her hope and faith in me by really quitting, could I?

Also gotta love an agent who knows just the right book to get me back into reading again (after four books clearly designed to overshadow every other book ever written). She suggested TWILIGHT, by Stephenie Meyer, but since I read that last year (and loved it), I decided to see if NEW MOON, the sequel, would work. Thankfully it did, and the end to my never being able to read anything but J.R. Ward books was swift. NEW MOON was wonderful, thrilling, thought-provoking.

Then, I read THE DEFIANT HERO, by Suzanne Brockmann, as I’m working my way through her Troubleshooter series. I’ve read the first two… love the first one the first time I read it years ago, as well as this time. I’d also read THE DEFIANT HERO before, I’m sure, as parts of it I recognized, and yet…I didn’t remember it. Does that make sense? Anyway, I really enjoyed it. Brockmann is such an amazing talent, though for different reasons than Ward, I think. And that’s more than okay with me.

Next up is LAMB by Christopher Moore, since Darling Daughter hasn’t finished LEAN MEAN 13 yet, so I have to wait. That or not read for another day or two until she finishes, which I just might have to do.

Oh, and I’ve also discovered the joy of Heroes!! My kids watch it, but I never started it, as I really hate to have TV that I feel that I HAVE to watch every week. So, instead, I discovered that every episode of Heroes is on the net, and I’ve watched 16 episodes over the last week. Sheesh.

So why is it I feel I have no time to write????