Why The Kiss Test?

“McKelden’s knack for creating complex yet colorful characters and zingy dialogue shines brightly in her latest offering to fans.  I loved this book.  A complete delight to read!” – Jane Porter – award-winning author of She’s Gone Country

So my friend Cathy asked me one day, “Why The Kiss Test?”  I figured she can’t be the only one who wondered about that title.

My heroine, Margo, has a best guy friend, Chris. They’ve been pals forever, since they were kids. They have stuck together through thick and thin, coupledom and singlehood, through every one of Margo’s mother’s many marriages, and every other imaginable trial.  Chris is the first person Margo calls, even when she’s in a relationship, because he gets her.

Chris has only one fault…he likes to kiss. A lot. As a matter of fact, before he’ll waste his time dating a woman, she has to pass his Kiss Test.  Kind of like test driving a car…if she’s no good at kissing, what’s the point of asking her out? (His thoughts, not mine!)

It was kind of a fun concept to play with, though I don’t remember how I came up with it.  It was probably one of those organic things that just kinds of happens when writers write books.  But it grew and grew and, by the midpoint of the book, it became a Really Big Thing, more so for Margo than for Chris.

Eventually, in the process of picking a final title for the book before submitting it, my agent pointed out that The Kiss Test would be the perfect title.  I agreed.  Apparently so did Carina Press, as they didn’t ask me to change it. 

So, my question is this…have any of you ever applied a “kiss test” before you dated someone?