What a month November has been!  With all the other things I have to do in my life (full-time day job, kid job, husband job, leisure time), I still managed to “win” National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNo). 

I originally signed up on a whim.  I figured I’d kind of cheat and finish a book I’ve been having a rough time with.  At the last minute, I changed my mind and decided to start something new.  A book with a lot more emotional depth than I’d written before.  Just to see if I could do it. 

I’m really glad I did.  I’ve learned so much by thinking of this book on a daily basis.  And I’ve learned that by writing with more regularity and setting a goal to write the first draft faster, I’m more in tune with the book and can probably write anything I set my mind to. 

For me, NaNo isn’t the end.  I have a lot of work to do. First of all, I plan to spend the next week or so taking stock, figuring out where I am in the plot and untangling the threads to see what I’m missing and what still needs to be written.  Then, I’ll finish out the first draft.  I’ll be dragging my daughter off to the coffee shop as many nights  a week as we can swing it until I’m done.  (You’ve been warned, Darling Daughter!). 

For all of you out there who NaNo’d this year and wrote ANYTHING more than you normally do in a month…congratulations!  You deserve a huge pat on the back. It’s not about 50,000 words (or 50,005, in my case), it’s about writing.  It’s about pouring your heart out on the page and starting a new habit.  Experts say it only takes 21 days to start a new habit.  So, after a month of NaNo, we should all be writing every day or at least more frequently than before.  Always a good thing!