Wow. Just. Wow.

Okay. Googling yourself can lead to some bizarre findings…like when I discovered my name somehow ended up on a website full of scantily clad soccer moms. (Just my name, mind you. If there had been a picture, the site would probably have had to shut down.)

But sometimes, like today, googling yourself leads to things like THIS. If you don’t want to click over, I’ll, uh, quote most of it here.

So, this guy, Michael C., apparently got hold of a copy of VENUS ENVY. He’s not a chick lit reader.

I next picked up Shannon McKelden’s forthcoming chick-lit offering Venus Envy. There are several “firsts:” surrounding Venus Envy that I only discovered while preparing for this blog entry. Not only is this the first book in the chick-lit genre that I have read, it is also the first novel in a new line of chick-lit for publisher Tom Doherty Associates (Tor), as well as McKelden’s debut novel! Some of this surprised me (debut novel; how much I enjoyed this book)

Did you read that?? He was surprised that it was my debut? How cool is that?? And he enjoyed it!

He calls it a “a nice and delightfully successful blending of chick-lit with urban fantasy that made for a surprisingly entertaining read.”

Ooh! I like that!

He goes on to summarize the book, which is really neat. I liked seeing what he picked out as important in the story.

Then he ends with:

McKelden is skilled at creating flawed yet likable characters, with a wry sense of humor and deeply rooted emotions. As expected, both Rachel and Venus learn about humanity and relationships through the course of the book, and like the best fairy tales, everyone lives happily ever after. Sure, there are plenty of romantic conventions laced throughout, but it’s such a fun read that I just took it for what it was and came out the other end with a new appreciation for a previously untested genre.

So cool!! I know I sound like I’m, what, 15 years old here? But, wow!! The fact that this is a GUY talking really excites me. Not that I don’t think there are many guys out there who read romance/chick lit, but not many will admit it. And fewer will admit to liking it. I do really feel that VENUS is something guys would like. It’s not too mushy, and the characters are funny. Who doesn’t like funny?!

I’m excited about the fact that maybe, just maybe, I turned somebody onto the genre of chick lit who might never have read it otherwise. That’s incredible to me! Is it because the cover isn’t as chick-litty looking that he was willing to give it a try? Who knows. But it gives me hope that maybe some women out there who might not have ever tried romance or chick lit might give it a try also.

And, the fact that this is, as far as I know, the first person to read this book who doesn’t know me, who isn’t connected to my publisher, and who didn’t HAVE to read it for some reason, is even more thrilling. I admit to getting a bit teary-eyed. If that makes me a wimpy girl then so be it.

I actually think it makes me a really, really happy writer.